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Our Kids Trailer

September 26th, 2022

We're sharing the trailer for the new Our Kids podcast, coming in October.

Our Kids is about what’s broken in the child welfare system, stories of resilience and solutions. Co-host Malcolm Burnley shares the voices of students in the foster system attending at CB Community Schools in Philadelphia. Co-host Steve Volk puts their stories in context of efforts to reform the child welfare system, disrupt fewer families and eliminate racial disparities. Our Kids was produced by Emily Previti and Stephanie Marudas of Kouvenda Media and mixed by Brad Linder.

If you want to subscribe for when the episodes drop, here's the link:

A Bridge Without a Toll

September 9th, 2021

When we talk about bridging the digital divide in Philly, this means reducing as many barriers to information as possible. Resolve Philly does this through its Equally Informed Philly (EIP) initiative. Co-ED’s Cassie Haynes and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky chat with Kristine Villanueva, EIP Project Editor, about the importance of off-line community engagement. You’ll hear from EIP's Editorial Associates Lily Medosch and Gabriela Rivera about their work running the Equal Info Line, a free text-based Q&A and news distribution service. Later in the episode, Community Engagement Editor Derrick Cain talks about the community-powered journalism happening through EIP’s print newsletter.

Start With This Jawn

January 27th, 2020

Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? And what do preschoolers have to do with the future of local news? Join Resolve Philly's co-Executive Directors, Jean Friedman-Rudovsky and Cassie Haynes to find out all of this and more in the very first episode of Resolve Philly's very first podcast. 


A Legacy of Leaders

January 27th, 2020

What's all the hype around leadership development and why does Resolve Philly want to build a community of leaders? A legacy of good leadership is the emergence and development of more leaders. Investing in the skill and capacity building of our staff, our partners, our Board of Directors, and our colleague organizations from around the country doubles down on the work we are doing together. It make us all better at our jobs, and more importantly, it makes our communities stronger. It makes investments go further, enabling a far greater return. In this episode, Cassie and Jean chat with Julie Christie, a recent graduate of Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication, Resolve's first intern (back before we were even Resolve), and our current Data and Impact Editor. Julie talks about her own professional development as a young journalist, as well as the capacity-building work she's leading with our newsroom partners around data journalism. You'll also hear from Jamaine Smith, the Chair of Resolve Philly's Board of Directors and Julie Cohen, CEO of Work Life Leader, who each talk about the importance of Resolve Philly's leadership development strategy. 


We’re Engaged!

January 27th, 2020

We believe that how communities engage with news and information isn’t important just for journalism’s sake, but for the health and vitality of our city and all its residents. Derrick Cain, Resolve Philly's Community Engagement Editor, chats with Co-ED, Cassie Haynes about the importance of transforming the ways in which communities engage with news and information. Later in the episode, Cassie talks with Michael A. Nutter, the 98th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, about Broke in Philly and the impact that he believes the collaborative, solutions journalism that Resolve's partners are executing will have on economic mobility in our community.


Showing Up, Sharing Out

January 27th, 2020

Resolve Philly Co-ED, Cassie, sits down with Resolve's Operations and Events Manager, Becka Gorelick, to chat about how the organization walks its talk, so to speak. From our hiring process to our purchasing and vendor contracting, Resolve is fiercely committed to showing up for our partners, neighbors, and very specifically, Black, brown, and queer communities. You'll also hear from Andy Conte, the founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. He shares how other journalism collaboratives are benefitting from the work that Resolve is doing in Philadelphia to build, test, and prove its collaborative solutions journalism model. 


The Ability to Exist Constantly

January 27th, 2020

That is the definition of "sustainability," which also happens to the the subject of this episode. You'll hear from one of our Project Editors, Aubrey Nagle, about Reframe, an innovative (if we do say so ourselves -- and we do) initiative that we're piloting later this year, along with Adam Landau, Co-CEO of Permit Capital Advisors about how Resolve's impact investment can support Reframe, helping to generate mission-aligned revenue and diversify Resolve's revenue sources. Jean and Cassie, Resolve's Co-ED's, will also chat a bit about what else we mean when we talk about "sustainability," because it's not just our bank account. How are we expanding the traditional nonprofit definition of what it means to be a sustainable organization and how are we going about executing it? Catch a listen and find out!


Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

January 27th, 2020

Resolve’s collaborative Broke in Philly has become the gold standard for local news collaborations nationally, and heck maybe even worldwide. Where are we headed next? How do we plan to continue to grow, thrive and seek continued excellence in this ever important collaborative journalism space? In this episode, Co-Executive Directors Jean Friedman-Rudovsky and Cassie Haynes define solutions journalism and talk about the origins of Broke in Philly, Resolve Philly's current collaborative reporting project. André Natta, the Editor of Broke in Philly, sits down with Stan Wischnowski, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of The Philadelphia Inquirer, to discuss the importance of collaborative journalism, its impact on the Inquirer, and why he thinks what we do is critical to the local news ecosystem.

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