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The Ability to Exist Constantly

January 27th, 2020

That is the definition of "sustainability," which also happens to the the subject of this episode. You'll hear from one of our Project Editors, Aubrey Nagle, about Reframe, an innovative (if we do say so ourselves -- and we do) initiative that we're piloting later this year, along with Adam Landau, Co-CEO of Permit Capital Advisors about how Resolve's impact investment can support Reframe, helping to generate mission-aligned revenue and diversify Resolve's revenue sources. Jean and Cassie, Resolve's Co-ED's, will also chat a bit about what else we mean when we talk about "sustainability," because it's not just our bank account. How are we expanding the traditional nonprofit definition of what it means to be a sustainable organization and how are we going about executing it? Catch a listen and find out!


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